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Mr Autonomous Traffic

I am creating an experimental long-run project aimed at consulting to develop automated traffic systems that will revolutionize traffic movement. If done right, autonomous software-based management of autonomous traffic will transform land use, sustainability, and urban economies. I test, assess, and identify the best strategic models for autonomous traffic movement and the implications for cities' next steps—and what to avoid—to transform a city's economy, transportation, and walkability. Cities want an early edge in strategic models that work, knowing what choices they can start making—and avoiding—including long-run planning for population density, zoning transitions, freeway rights-of-way preservation, and planning the location of future mass transit around autonomous minibuses.

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When autonomous traffic takes over

It's thirty years in the future. You're at the local minibus station, fifty miles from your destination in Downtown. You choose to step...

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Joseph Hornbuckle

270 Arizona Avenue
Atlanta, Ga 30307


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